Light Bites

A Recipe from our 44U Plan

Salmon wrapped Asparagus

Here at Wendy's Fitness For Life

we understand that finding that balance between low fat and low sugar is difficult,

so we have come up with a plan that will lower your fat intake, lower your sugar intake

and count the calories and the carbs for you

so we would like to introduce our

44U Plan







  • It is simple and Easy to Follow

  • No Calorie Counting

  • No Shakes

  • No Special meals

  • We count the calories for you

  • You choose from Amazing Recipes

  • 8 new recipes added every month

  • No food is forbidden!




Now try our 28 day reset plan


A great way to boost your weight loss !

This new plan is one of our popular
Mix and Match plans,
Simply choose, 1 breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner and 1 Snack per day





stir fry
Sreak and veg
cod and prawn
quorn fajita
broccoli spaghetti
avocado on toast
bran and blue
egg spinach wrap
honey toast

If you want to know more please contact me 


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