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Privacy Policy

Statement of GDPR Compliance

This statement has been produced to ensure you of the safety and of the procedures surrounding the data held by me about you.

What is Held, Once you become a member.

I hold your Name, Address, Email Address, Telephone  numbers , Date of birth and selected medical details (on your screening form)– I hold these records only whilst you are a member (with the exception of screening form which is kept  for insurance purposes)

No information that I have is shared with ANY third party

What it is used for

Contact between us, via e mail (mailchimp),social media, phone or text, for newsletters or to contact you if there are class closures or changes

Where is it Kept

Names, address, emails, phone numbers  and medical details are stored securely on  my laptop on Dropbox and a back  up copy on a memory stick in the form of a spreadsheet. You can opt out of e mails at any time

All of these are secured with passwords and are accessible only by myself.

Your Rights.

You will be informed of any breach as soon as possible, by telephone and then by email.

You have a right to view all records I hold for you at any time – these will be provided by email within 72 hours. You have the right to have all records deleted when requested without reason or delay,


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