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Christmas quiz 2019 answers

Christmas Quiz Answers 2019

1. Norwich

2. Salted

3. Mrs Cratchit

4. A drupe

5. Tarragon. It’s a member of the Asteraceae family, but mint and rosemary are part of the Lamiaceae family

6. Christmas pudding

7. Carp

8. Brandy and ginger ale

9. Clockwise. Stirring counter- clockwise is said to bring bad luck

10. Mince pies

11. ‘Boots’. These were created by walking the turkeys through warm tar followed by sand. This helped prevent their feet from becoming blistered on the journey

12. Stollen

13. A grape

14. Port

15. Salt cod or bacalhau

16. Oliver Cromwell

17. Cloves – the Latin word is clavus

18. Cocoa mass

19. A joint consisting of two sirloins joined at the backbone

20. Dates

21. Spain

22. 1657

23. Isinglass, a product made from the swim bladders of fish, is used to clarify, or fine, these drinks. Egg white, casein, dried blood and gelatine may also be used as fining agents

24. Aquavit (or akvavit)

25. The Christmas cracker

26. Flambéed

27. Tabasco

28. Orchid

29. Beamish and Murphy’s

30. Bull calf testicles

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