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Meet The Members

Meet Christine Bury


Weight Loss is 2 stone 7 ½ lbs

In 2016 myself and my husband decided to move back to England from USA I had never been “fat” and when we arrived and went to the doctor to register I was absolutely horrified at the amount of weight we had both put on. Being back in England did not help as I loved going to the chippy, scones and cream, bread, bread and more bread as the bread and cheese in the States is terrible. On went the weight.

Then Wendy Cox came into my life. I slowly lost weight, put on a bit then lost it again due to all sorts of stress, buying a house moving for the 3rd time. Then I developed a rare blood disease and I was not able to do very much. The weight went back on. This disease sorted itself out then I broke my shoulder. That was 29 January of this year. I decided to have a little chat with myself and started exercising again when the Consultant gave me the go ahead in March and I now have about 90% use of my shoulder. Then you all know what happened then with Covid.

Because of my condition, I was under lockdown and shielded. This was the perfect time to change everything that we did.

I cannot thank Wendy enough for carrying on with her classes via ZOOM. I have been attending 3 classes a week, even finding that I loved Interval Training. I have not exercised so much since my dancing and gymnastic days. I had forgotten how much I love it.

Thank you so much Wendy.


Christine now

Christine Before

Christine beforte.jpg
Christine selfie.jpg

Meet Rose

Rose has lost 2 stone 2lbs and was prompted to lose weight by seeing a photo of her in holiday in Spain. She even managed to find the same spot and scooter to pose by for her 'after' photo. She says she feels so much fitter and 'bouncier' than before and is really enjoying the regular exercise that she now fits into her busy life


rose with certificate.jpg

Rose Says “Now comes the really hard part, maintaining it, which I have never yet managed to do for any length of time, but I'm optimistic that the weekly weigh-in will help. I think the problem before was that I used to go to a slimming club or do online diets that didn't run exercise classes, so as soon as I lost weight I stopped going to group or tracking my progress online. I feel confident that because I can weigh and 'check-in' when I come to exercise will really help.”


Rose with

her certificates

Rose before with Scooter

Rose before.jpg
rose after.jpg

Rose with

Same Scooter

Sue & Val.jpg

Meet Val & Sue

"Fitness is fun when

there's more then one"

It is always so much better to exercise and lose weight if you come to classes with a friend. Val & Sue joined together and lost a total of 2 stone 4lbs between them, encouraging each other along the way. They are still attending classes together to maintain their weight and because they enjoy Zumba!

Meet Karen

Karen has been coming to classes for over 8 years. She lost 2 stone and has achieved her target weight, maintained it since July 2014.

She has never fluctuated more than 2lbs.

Karen says "The motivation, friendship and exercise at class is what keeps me going and on the right path."

These photos show Karen 4 years 7 months apart!


karen before.jpg

Karen Before

karen feb 2019(1).jpg

Karen Now

Meet Debs

Debs has battled with her weight since the birth of her children. She has lost an amazing 3 stone since joining us last November.


Here are her amazing before and after photos.


Debs november 2016.jpg
Debs at christening.jpg

Debs now, looking and feeling

amazing at her Son's Wedding!

Debs close up.jpg
jacky target weight.jpg

Meet Jacky

Jacky has lost 2 stone 4lbs

since January and feels so much fitter and healthier now and really enjoys the summer now she has so much more energy.




marian Spratling before photo small for

Marian Before

Meet Marian

Marian Has Lost an AMAZING 3 stone in 7 months

She says

"I decided it was time to do something about my weight so I joined Wendy's Fitness at Roundswell in May 2014. I was made very welcome and received encouragement each week to lose weight. The weekly talks helped me understand food and how it affected my body. To achieve my weight loss I changed my view of food, i.e. thought about portion size, fat and sugar content. I increased my exercise and tried new forms of exercise to increase my flexibility and movement. 

I tried to walk everywhere I could and kept a daily diary detailing the food and drink I consumed together with my activity so I could look back and see why my weight loss had stopped or slowed down (this really helped me in the last few months to reach my target).


marian on rock after.jpg

Marian Now

I reached my target weight on 5th December 2014. I have lost 3 stone and gone from a size18/20 to a size 10/12. I have so much more energy, feel so much better for the weight loss and have made some great friends, my joints no longer ache and I have more confidence.

Mariain still attends classes each week to maintain her weight and because she enjoys the exercise.





marian spratling target.jpg

Marian holding just 3 of her many certificates




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