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Clever Kidneys

World Kidney Day 14th March 2024

There is nothing glamorous about Kidneys but these organs are the powerhouses of our excretory system, they filter all the blood in your body – between 7 -8 litres 25 times every day.

They sift out toxins and waste products, regulate the electrolytes and water content of our blood, they also secret important hormones they play a key part in your overall health.

So, what can we do to help these little wonder organs?

1 – Cut out the salt.

High blood pressure is one of the key factors in chronic kidney disease (CKD) people who are cutting down on fat and sugar do tend to reach for the salty stuff as it can be as satisfying.

People with immediate goals tend to check labels for salt and sugar but neglect the salt readings. As a rule of thumb, if you make half your plate fruit and veg then the salt content will naturally be low


2 - Cook from Scratch

Cooking from scratch will not only make you more aware of the amount of salt you are consuming – things such as potassium and phosphorous can be a real risk to people suffering with late-stage kidney disease.

And there is evidence to link phosphorous and heart disease- so better safe than sorry – cook from scratch from fresh whenever possible and cut out the risks associated with these foods.

3 - Don’t stress over individual minerals

You may hear people talking about their “macros”- meaning their micro nutrients’

please life is too short for that rubbish - do you really need to know your trace nutrients from your amino acids? A healthy balanced diet will provide you with everything you need. Taking extra supplements without the advice of a doctor or due to a restrictive diet is never a good idea, as all you do is force the kidneys to work harder to excrete the extra unwanted elements you have in your body- the only supplement that is recommended for everyone to take, by the World Health Organisation is Vitamin D – if you are concerned about your diets, it may sound a lot but stop and think about the makeup of your food, and as long as you are getting about 50 different ingredients a week you will be fine.

4 - Eat the rainbow

I know we say this all the time. But that is because it is true, we love the idea of a “Superfood” full of magical powers that will fix our health problems and undo the damage our naughtiness has done.

But there is not one single Superfood that can wipe it all clean.  We always advocate a balanced and varied diet, eating a rainbow is a good way to visualise it. Eating lots of different coloured fruit and veg will ensure you are getting the greatest number of Phytonutrients, so go to town, red berries, broccoli, cabbage, oranges, beetroot sweet potato; vibrant strong colours make your plate more tempting.

5 - Watch those portions,

Most of the time it isn’t the contents of our meals that are the problem it’s the size. Research done by the British heart foundation has shown that some portion sizes in supermarkets have actually doubled since 1993.

Many packaged goods, from bagels, Pizza, ready meals, crisps and pies have ballooned for the last few years; Keep an eye on those portions by using smaller plates and bowl.  Over eating means you are eating more nutrients that your poor kidneys have to filter, moderate your intake eat plenty of fruit and veg, small portions of protein and dairy, your body will automatically take care of itself.


Kidney Health Facts.

  • 3 million people in the UK suffer with kidney diseases and approximately 1 million don’t know they have a problem

  • 83% higher risk of chronic kidney disease is faced by people who are overweight or obese when compared of those with a healthy weight.

  • 60,000 people die every year because of chronic kidney disease.


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