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12 tips to keep you on track

Diet tips for a new you.

Tip 1: Visualize yourself healthy

Use the power of visualization to picture your ideal self. Pretend you are already the person of your dreams and forget about the internal dialogue of 'wanting to have' or 'I wish I was skinny.' Act as if you already have the perfect butt, shapely legs…As you think, you will become." Keeping a positive self-image will make you feel better and keep you motivated to eat healthier.


Tip 2: Axe the quick-fix attitude

Weight loss takes time, and there is no reasonable or healthy way around it. When it comes to dieting, any diet plan or weight loss product that seems too good to be true usually is. Apply the energy you spend on searching for the quick-fix fad-diet solution to simply cutting portions and increasing your daily physical activity.


Tip 3: Dedicate yourself to eating better

A fit body requires a commitment to long-term healthy eating as well as sensible diet modifications when necessary. Looking good takes a lot of work and dedication to a nutritious diet plan. That means if you want to reap the benefits of a healthy diet, you need to stick to it.


Tip 4: Eat with your senses

Mindless munching will derail the best of diet intentions. Tune in to the foods you eat with all of your senses and make it an experience in pleasure. Start eating mindfully, ditch the foods you don't really like and slowly savour the ones you do. The slower and more attuned you are to your meals, the greater the likelihood you'll eat less.


Tip 5: Make shopping a healthy pleasure

If you detest the supermarket chaos, change it make more enjoyable. Make grocery shopping fun, not a chore. Find your local farmers markets and farm shops. Shop in little independent retailers and enjoy walking through different stalls and stands. Along with items on your list, pick up some fresh flowers to help boost your mood all week long." In addition to avoiding long check out queues, the foods you pick up at the farmers market will also be healthy, eco-friendly and freshly picked.


Tip 6: Don't eat like a man

Don’t keep up bite for bite with your man; you are going to end up overweight. The hormone that makes your man a man (testosterone) is the main reason behind his (annoying) ability to eat so much without gaining a single ounce.  Testosterone causes the body to build muscle, which burns more calories than body fat


Tip 7: Develop a life-diet

Don’t just focus on diet, or exercise, aim to improve your total lifestyle. Start a whole-fitness philosophy, a philosophy that incorporates a total body and mind approach to becoming fit. Eat right, come to classes and try different ones to vary your workout and practice a mindfulness try meditation or yoga. Develop a life-long complete health and fitness plan.


Tip 8: Eat regularly

Research on successful weight loss shows eating in the morning is a key to successful weight control. Prioritize your morning meal and you'll be prioritizing healthy eating as well as improving your chances of reaching your goal weight. Additionally, eat regular meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar on an even keel, prevent hunger-induced bingeing, and keep your energy up.


Tip 9: Think baby steps

Don't try to change at once. Most people try to overhaul their entire lives all at once, which is nearly impossible to stick with for any length of time. Instead, opt for simple changes like including one more piece of fruit in your day or replacing white bread with whole grain. Do smaller more manageable changes and you'll find them much easier to live with.

Tip 10: Join a fitness group with a buddy (or Keep Coming)

Accountability is a huge help. Having the support of a positive group can keep you motivated to stick to your good diet intentions as well as provide tips to help you overcome diet obstacles. A group like ours is ideal – being around supportive, like-minded people is one of the best ways to keep you enthused about eating better- and bring a friend what better way to help you stay on track when you aren’t in class.



ip 11: Brush your teeth after meals

This is a simple yet so often overlooked trick to prevent snacking after meals. Once you are finished eating, any meal go brush your teeth. Having a fresh clean feel in your mouth will deter you from eating anymore. To boot, you'll be taking care of your teeth, reducing your risk of dental caries and gum disease.

Tip 12: Keep a food journal

To help break bad habits, you record not only what you eat, but the circumstances that prompt you to eat. When you begin to notice unhealthy patterns, you can figure out ways to change them. Best yet, you'll see results quickly – even after a couple of weeks, you can compare today to Day 1 and see how you've already improved

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